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The Royal Court Hotel & Spa : Luxury at your service

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We would really like to express that by selecting Hotel the royal court was a good decision We stayed here from 9th to 13th Jun and enjoyed our stay immensely. The restaurant in the hotel is exceptional and mojos serves an exceptional breakfast spread with attentive staff on hand. All the staff was very courteous, friendly and well mannered, Ronny and Sanket took care of us during breakfast and our dinner with friends and relatives and went above board with their service and also who paid extra attention to take care of all our requirements. One more pros was the arrangement of closet space in the room for families, since the rooms are designed for not only a single business traveller, in mind. The gym and the saving store facilities were excellent as well the art displayed around the hotel is simple stupendous.

I with my friends had an awesome experience with our stay and will choose this hotel for all future stays.

We wish all success and like to again use this facility. we would recommend to our friends to stay here.