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Wedding experience ! : Emperio the Banque 24Nov

Wedding experience ! : Emperio the Banque

I had the pleasure of attending my nieces' Wedding Reception last Saturday at The Royal Court Hotel & Spa  with my wife. We had an absolutely fabulous day and evening. The staff was fantastic, very attentive and very well organized. The food was fantastic - considering how many they were catering for, it was perfect and the portions were huge! The desert was amazing, and beautiful decor. Everyone had a brilliant day and evening. My only quibble would be the bar prices were quite high, but only to be expected in a hotel. Everything was arranged in a decent manner and the facilities they provided us were like a bonus to the bride. The hotel staff arranged a gift to the marrying couples and they loved this piece of act. I wish if I was a bachelor I would have choosen this hotel for my reception. The was so well trained and deciplined and cooperative too. That was the perfect venue for a wedding reception delicious food and quality wines, cool cocktails, style and luxury! Defined it back to me. My wife and I and all of our guests had an amazing experience here. If you are looking for a beautiful wedding venue in Jalandhar, I highly recommend this place.