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Wedding experience ! : Emperio the Banque 24Nov

Wedding experience ! : Emperio the Banque

I had the pleasure of attending my nieces' Wedding Reception last Saturday at The Royal Court Hotel & Spa  with my wife. We had an absolutely fabulous day and evening. The staff was fantastic, very attentive and very well organized. The food was fantastic - considering how many they were catering for, it was perfect and the portions were huge! The desert was amazing, and beautiful decor. Everyone had a brilliant day and evening. My only quibble would be the bar prices were quite high, but only to be expected in a hotel. Everything was arranged in a decent manner and the facilities they provided us were like a bonus to the bride. The hotel staff arranged a gift to the marrying couples and they loved this piece of act. I wish if I was a bachelor I would have choosen this hotel for my reception. The was so well trained and deciplined and cooperative too. That was the perfect venue for a wedding reception delicious food and quality wines, cool cocktails, style and luxury! Defined it back to me. My wife and I and all of our guests had an amazing experience here. If you are looking for a beautiful wedding venue in Jalandhar, I highly recommend this place.

Taste of Jalandhar - Mojo's Restaurant 20Oct

Taste of Jalandhar - Mojo's Restaurant

We went unexpectedly for our dinner to mojos restaurant. It was sparsely occupied but soon several guests waltzed in. me and my friends decided kebabs. The kebabs are excellent of this place. You are first served a salad platter along with onions and four kinds of chutneys- tamarind, tomato,yoghurt with peanuts and mint. Then come the kebabs- the galati is their signature dish, and there is fish, chicken and seekh kebabs (non vegetarian options). There is a similar assortment in the vegetarian menu too, with cottage cheese, roasted mushrooms, stuffed tomato and lentil kebabs. All with these come two types of bread, the sheermal and baquarkhani kulcha. After that you are servedwith a main course that has two types of dals (lentils), a mutton curry, two vegetable dishes, veg or non veg biryani with an assortment of breads. The rose and Pan kulfis served as dessert are the best. I just loved the food there, every kabab that they surved was wow. We all enjoyed the food throughly, i mean like i was all full but still wanted to have more. The best Kebabs you can get at Jalandhar, the galauti kebab and pineapple are the best, although other kebabs impress as much. Chutneys are amazing , and so are the breads. Main course is better than average, however, the desserts (even though they surprise you) are not for everyone. A visit leaves you approximately a ₹1000 hole in your pocket for each person (vegetarian) for this unlimited on-the- table service, but the food is flabbergastingly excellent. The staff is really impressive! The serving staff were so friendly and informative that added additional flavor and mood to the food. The manager was very supporting and helpful. We were informed that Sunday brunch is also in the same price range. In addition to the unlimited kababs they also serve unlimited Beer along. You Must Try once.

The Royal Court Hotel & Spa : Luxury at your service 08Sep

The Royal Court Hotel & Spa : Luxury at your service

We would really like to express that by selecting Hotel the royal court was a good decision We stayed here from 9th to 13th Jun and enjoyed our stay immensely. The restaurant in the hotel is exceptional and mojos serves an exceptional breakfast spread with attentive staff on hand. All the staff was very courteous, friendly and well mannered, Ronny and Sanket took care of us during breakfast and our dinner with friends and relatives and went above board with their service and also who paid extra attention to take care of all our requirements. One more pros was the arrangement of closet space in the room for families, since the rooms are designed for not only a single business traveller, in mind. The gym and the saving store facilities were excellent as well the art displayed around the hotel is simple stupendous. I with my friends had an awesome experience with our stay and will choose this hotel for all future stays. We wish all success and like to again use this facility. we would recommend to our friends to stay here.

First restaurant in jalandhar : Mojo's Restaurant 30Jul

First restaurant in jalandhar : Mojo's Restaurant

This was our first restaurant in Jalandhar and after all i think the best one there. Placed in the centre of the mall, has nice views of the city. When we arrived we were the only ones but as the evening went by we saw some local families. It was such a pleasant building and restaurant, the service was 5 star, I have to add this but when visiting the toilet I was amazed it was like bringing in an immaculate art gallery for one. I chose the nonveg Thali and best with the cold beer was absolutely fab. If I visit Jalandhar again not only would. I eat here but would stay here as well. As well the location as the food is refreshing, with an excellent choice of Indian dishes and other appetisers. Serving also good Indian wine. The staff and the management was just perfect! Good food..... good taste .serves veg as well as non veg cuisine but no bar. Rates were moderate but taste was awesome .... Located in heart of the city....... Must visit if u love Indian cuisine .... Best for families and couples….. I would suggest this restaurant personally ,to let others amazed by the taste and the beauty of this place.

Relax and enjoy the royal court hotel services 29Jul

Relax and enjoy the royal court hotel services

Today the world is on the edge of development, we are busy , we don’t have time , we work like machines and when we get tired of enough work we plan something for peace of our mind and travelling appears like our first option .It is said to be sufficiently compact thing use on a journey when you search it on google . It gives you peace that you try to find apart from the work and hotels becomes the main pillar of your awesome experience you expect .So they plays main role in your journey and you need than to be fruitful for your luxury .We are very particular for our luxury when we are paying for it. I went in some hotels for this article and one of them I found amazing was “The Royal Court” it is in mid of sport city Jalandhar .It attracted my attention because it is merged in four storyed mall. When you get in it you will have its first impression with glowing chandelier with an amazing art.The reception and restaurant have natural woody touch which makes you feel good. The floor vibrates, when you have your step in the restaurant that makes some sense to amaze you. The officials told me that the mall have a gym and a saloon, both collaborates with the hotel and provides free service to the people who come for stays in the hotel isn’t it amazing..?. apart from the gym and the saloon, a general store and a fashion store also serves you with the grabable discount and that will be called hospitality. I asked the hotel manager that “what made you think this type of business ?” He smiled and answered “I read it somewhere, together we stand divided we fall,I just followed” I thinks that was the most simple and beautiful answer I just heard.